Missionary Support Program

Welcome to the heart of our Missionary Support Program, where the timeless teachings of Christianity meld with our commitment to social justice. Our Missionary Support Program actively assists missionaries in their global endeavours, providing financial support to cover living expenses, travel costs, and essential supplies for their missions. The members of the Missionary Support Program are dedicated professionals whose careers span three to four decades.

A New Vision for Missionary Work

We are rewriting the narrative of missionary work to reflect the transformative power of love, understanding, and empathy. Our Missionary Support Program represents the core teachings of Christianity—compassion and servanthood. True missionary work stems from the empathy and understanding exemplified by Jesus himself. Our missionaries immerse themselves in local cultures, listening and learning from the lives they encounter. This bridge of shared experiences fosters unity and growth, aligning with Christ’s message of love for all.

Guided by the Light of Social Justice, Rooted in Biblical Wisdom

Drawing from the Bible’s profound wisdom, we embody Micah 6:8—pursuing justice, mercy, and humility. In alignment with Christ’s concern for the vulnerable, our initiatives tackle systemic inequalities, champion gender equity, ensure access to healthcare, and advocate for the marginalized. Following in the footsteps of the early church, our program champions collaboration and communal growth. We strive to equip each community with tools for self-sufficiency through education, healthcare, vocational training, and sustainable projects while tailoring each project to the community’s needs and aspirations.

Messages of Healing and Hope, Mirroring Christ’s Ministry

Our missionary work echoes the healing and hope Christ brought to the world. Our missionaries offer not just material aid, but emotional and spiritual support as well. We believe that true transformation comes through holistic healing, embracing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to uplift individuals and communities.

Through our Missionary Support Program, we empower individuals, revitalize communities, and foster collaboration. When missionary work aligns with Christ’s teachings and social justice, its impact is boundless. Join us on this profound journey!

Supporting those who provide aid and comfort to others.

Featured Missionaries

Rise Above is a Non-Profit NGO, an active group of people who focuses on improving the quality of life for the underprivileged families in Cebu, Philippines. We give skills training, run health, hygiene and educational programs, give active help in disaster areas, and aid individuals in need.

Family Services Trust is making a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable and underprivileged families in New Delhi, India. Their educational centre for children, the Brighter Futures Learning Centre, provides services such as basic education, tutoring, counselling, life skills workshops, and youth volunteer training.

In addition, their Relief Feeding Program is a lifeline for children who are facing extreme hardship due to poverty and food insecurity. In a city where the disparity between wealth and poverty is stark, many children go to bed hungry, lacking the basic nutrition they need to thrive and grow. Click below for more information on our fundraiser. Your support, whatever the amount, will have an impact.