Missionary Support Program

Supporting those that provide aid and comfort to others.

During our time overseas, those at home played an invaluable support role that helped us manage and finance our charitable work. In those years, we learnt what is most needed and what additional support would have been helpful. Now it’s our turn. The Missionary Support Program provides the home base support for our partners around the globe. These dedicated individuals and organizations take on roles of facilitators and motivators to positively influence and help others make a difference in their community and country. Our role is to enable them to continue to do that.


1. Provide resources and support for overseas programs that have demonstrated impact on the local communities
2. Act as intermediary for the collection and shipment of needed materials and donation
3. Provide home-base management or support for legal and financial matters

Services Provided

  • The generation of interest & enthusiasm for missions with accurate & up-to-date information.
  • Procurement of material support for missions in as large a measure as possible.
  • Training of prospective missionaries on outreach and church growth ministries.
  • Coordination & organization of community services and/or humanitarian relief efforts.
  • Advice and resources for missionary families who choose to home school their children.
  • Greater Toronto area bill paying and tax preparation services for missionaries stationed overseas.
  • On-line donation portal access and management.

Featured Missionaries

Since November 2000, Rise Above Foundation have been working as volunteers in Cebu City, Philippines. Their team is striving to help improve the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged by means of providing educational opportunities, livelihood training, and health and hygiene programs.

More information coming soon