About Us

The Extra Mile Ministries is incorporated in the province of Ontario and operates as an independent & self-supporting tax exempt charitable organization, through which financial & material help can be channeled to our local initiatives,  career missionaries & their ministries.

The Extra Mile Ministries was founded in 1999 by a group of individuals that had returned from overseas missions. Helping others was more than just a volunteer opportunity to them, it was their life style. So upon returning to Canada, they began looking at ways to continue providing support to those in need within the City of Toronto. In addition to this, the founders wanted to find a way to provide support to many of their friends and colleagues that were still overseas on their missions. All the founders had spent significant time in south-east Asia and many of their children were born there and as such still holds a special place in their hearts.

As a mission board, EMM’s Missionary Support Program furnishes Canadian missionaries with a legal basis on which to operate & provides resources and support for select initiatives that have demonstrated impact on the local communities.

Family Education Program

On a local level, our Family Education Program is focused on easing the plight of low and median income residents in the GTA. Our task is to ensure that the basic needs of a person are met e.g. social, physical, recreational, financial and spiritual etc. When there’s a lack, we research solutions and engage with community resources to help our neighbors maintain their self sufficiency. One of its aims is to make a difference in a world where our busy schedules and struggles to make ends meet often crowd out the things that really matter – love for God, love for family & love for others.

Our current initiatives include: