Skills Training Program

The Extra Mile Ministries is deeply committed to assisting newcomers and immigrants in Canada and those facing financial challenges. Through our Skills Training program, we aim to create a level playing field for those who may face barriers in accessing education and certification courses required for entry-level employment. 

Newcomers and immigrants bring unique perspectives, diverse talents, and valuable experiences to our society. We seek to empower them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the Canadian job market and integrate seamlessly into their new communities.

For those facing financial hardships, access to educational opportunities can be a challenge. Our scholarships serve as an entryway towards breaking the cycle of poverty and to brighter futures.

By investing in education and training, we strive to address the systemic inequities and gaps in our society. We understand that nurturing talent and potential in these individuals not only benefits them but also enriches the fabric of our communities and contributes to the overall growth of our nation.

Through partnerships with educational institutions and employers, we ensure that our scholarship recipients receive relevant and industry-focused training, increasing their employability and preparing them for the job market. By doing so, we pave the way for them to secure stable employment, support their families, and become active contributors to the prosperity of our society.

There are several examples of certifications that a participant may have for entry level employment, depending on their education, experience, and field of interest:


  1. First Aid and CPR Certification: This certification is essential for many entry-level jobs in Canada, especially those in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.
  2. Food Handler Certification: This certification is required for jobs in the food service industry, such as working in a restaurant or café.
  3. Security Guard License: This certification is required for those interested in working for the security industry, such as being a security guard or loss prevention officer.
  4. Forklift Operator Certification: This certification is required for those interested in working in a warehouse or logistics industry.
  5. Smart Serve Certification: This certification is required for those interested in working in the hospitality industry, specifically for jobs that involve serving alcohol, such as bartenders or servers.

Thank you very much for the first aid courses!! The lecturer explained, showed and taught very clearly!!! Thank you for helping Ukrainians with the opportunity to learn from professionals!!! - VK