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Family Education Program

The Extra Mile Ministries  is focused on easing the plight of low and medium income residents in the Scarborough area of Toronto. Our task is to ensure that the basic needs of a person are met e.g. social, physical, recreational, financial and spiritual etc. When there’s a lack, solutions are looked into and community resources are explored to help our neighbors maintain their self sufficiency.

Its Family Education Program has a Financial Literacy component which seeks to provide the knowledge that individuals and families may use to help them find financial stability and independence.

It is also committed to the distribution of a wide range of educational & inspirational printed, audio & visual products for adults, teenagers & children.

One of its aims is to make a difference in a world where our busy schedules often crowd out the things that really matter – love for God, love for family & love for others. Our hope is that our materials will brighten your life & the lives of those you care about most.

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