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Category Page: Featured Initiatives

Seniors’ Emergency Preparedness Program

The Seniors’ Emergency Preparedness Program aims to prepare older adults for emergencies and disasters. Through a series of educational workshops and instructional materials, we equip seniors with the knowledge and skills needed to handle various crisis situations confidently. Our program emphasizes personalized emergency planning, empowering seniors to create their own emergency action plans that address

Skills Training Program

The Extra Mile Ministries is deeply committed to assisting newcomers and immigrants in Canada and those facing financial challenges. Through our Skills Training program, we aim to create a level playing field for those who may face barriers in accessing education and certification courses required for entry-level employment.  Newcomers and immigrants bring unique perspectives, diverse

Back-To-School Program

Our Back-to-School Program is dedicated to ensuring that every child has the chance to start the new school year with confidence and enthusiasm. We focus on supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly new immigrants, and those from low-income families. Through this program, we provide free school backpacks and essential school supplies to alleviate the financial